Sharon MacDonald is an outstanding real estate agent!!!  She was highly recommended to me by friends who had bought a house when I purchased my home in Kingston in 2010.  She went above and beyond for me to find the right home for me at the time and politely persisted when the selling agent was unresponsive.  The house was perfect for me and my son and we enjoyed it for several years.  Unfortunately we had to move to BC in 2014 in order for me to advance my career.  Sharon continued to provide me market advice throughout despite having to deal with some unruly tenants.  I decided to sell in  2020 when my second set of tenants ended their lease and Sharon advised me that the market was good.  She again went above and beyond to make arrangements with my tenants to take incredibly flattering pictures of the house despite the fact the tenants were in the process of moving.  As I am living in BC I was unable to assist her with any arrangements for showing and listing.  She made the paperwork easy for me during a very stressful time.  She pre-listed the house at a price that I was happy with and we received an offer significantly higher than the listing price from a buyer that was specifically looking in the neighborhood.  She is extremely  kind, polite, helpful and above all her honesty is unsurpassed!  I have highly recommended her on social media to my friends and would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a hard working, efficient and honest real estate agent!

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